Those North Koreans!

So, I’m reading a story through the Reuters news service.  Apparently, North Korea is threatening to attack US military bases in Guam or Okinawa.  Huh, let’s see.  My flight leaves LAX to Manila…oh wait, what’s that say?  A stopover in Guam?  Dang it.  Great, I’m going to be visiting an area near Korea.  Sometimes, I hate telling my older brother things because he can make a situation much worse.  When I told him I was going to the Philippines, this is what he says I should be aware of at least, since I’m an American:  terrorists, political climate, Muslims, men who look like women or vice versa, food poisoning, & infection…ha, not necessarily in that order.  So, yeah, let’s add North Koreans into the mix!  I won’t even say anything to my brother unless of course he decides to text message me again out of the blue.

You know…I read somewhere the airline sometimes skips Guam especially during the spring and summer.  I pray to God we skip it, although I would love to see what Guam looks like.  I imagine it would look like any Pacific island like Hawaii.

So, tomorrow is the start of my vacation and then I leave Sunday. 

That’s all for now.

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